Individual coaching

Complex challenges, new technologies and a dynamic business environment characterize our working life. Leading ourselves and others in a flexible, effective and respectful way is becoming increasingly important.

I support individuals to master those challenges and develop their full potential – to their own as well as to their organization‘s benefit.

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Individual coaching: Challenges

  • How to manage successful leadership transitions
  • How to master complex organizational change as an executive: coping with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • How to communicate effectively: conducting difficult conversations, giving presentations, facilitating workshops
  • How to handle conflict in a solution-oriented way
  • Self-management: authenticity, reflecting purpose, beliefs, values, patterns and developing main actions, handling stressful situations
  • How to master professional re-orientation: assessing own competence profile, evaluating different options, creating suitable applications, preparing interviews, handling transition and on-boarding

The individual coaching process

A first, explorative meeting allows us to find out what you need and whether we can work together. Once the decision to work together has been made, we will analyze your situation based on the previously agreed objectives. We will then identify options for actions or behavioral alternatives in a given situation and develop implementation strategies for your objectives.

Together we will monitor your realization practice, reflecting on your personal beliefs, values, patterns and any other challenges that may arise, that may either be conducive or obstructing your development.

Scope and duration of the coaching process is entirely contingent on your expectations and your objectives. The coaching can take place either face-to-face, by phone or virtually. The process ends with a final review.

Team coaching

Team performance largely depends on how well individual members cooperate with each other and with relevant stakeholders.

Teams are sometimes hampered by tension and conflicts; diverging objectives may additionally impede efficient cooperation. Whether it is necessary to initiate drastic changes or whether a new team starts a new project – the pressure to succeed can be high and time can become tight.

I support teams to enhance their effectiveness by finding and implementing common principles, practical tools and techniques that enable smooth cooperation and performance.

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Team coaching: Challenges

  • How to assign roles, tasks, responsibilities and decision making processes following a team merger; how to create a stable foundation for cooperation
  • How to master challenging transitional and transformative processes
  • How to implement collaborative leadership in teams
  • How to use agile techniques to improve team performance
  • How to address and clarify conflict situations
  • How to successfully launch inter-departmental project teams

The team coaching process

After an in-depth clarification of the assignment and of the objectives of the consultation process with the responsible parties we jointly develop an individual concept for coaching this particular team. This concept is then discussed and agreed with the responsible parties.

Scope and extent may vary considerably, and may range from facilitating a single team meeting to a multi-tiered process, and may consist of getting to know the entire team, interviews with individual team members or smaller groups, evaluation and feedback of the interview results, joint development of the next steps in a workshop, support and monitoring in implementing the agreed measures.

A final evaluation and review conclude the process.